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How To Not Be A Victim

Question:  I have been reading the information presented on not being a victim. I feel as though I have allowed myself to be victimized since I was a child. I did everything my parents wanted and I allowed myself to … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (32)

The Kindness Paradigm offers the opportunity to create one’s life in physical and emotional safety. Life is open to being created and re-created endlessly. One never need feel stifled when one is eternally expanding. It is when one ceases to … Continue reading

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Marriages That Just Exist

Question: Higgins, will you speak about marriages that just exist? You know, where there seems to be no love left but the couple stays together anyway? Higgins: When two come together in marriage there is initially a drawing together. In … Continue reading

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My Wife Doesn’t Like Me

Question from Cheryl secondary to several searches from women who don’t like their husbands. Question: Higgins, if a wife doesn’t like their husband yet the husband still wants to be in the marriage what can he do to make a happier … Continue reading

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Compassion in Marriage (Part 2): How Do I Love Him When I Don’t Like Being Around Him?

Note from Cheryl: Higgins is responding to this involved question segmentally. I have bolded the aspect of the question that they are responding to today. Question: I read your channel on compassion and it was just what I needed to … Continue reading

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