Wars, Hurricanes, Bombings…What Can One Person Do To Help?

Question:   There seems to be so much trauma occurring…I’m talking about the hurricanes, wars, bombings, shootings…what can a single individual do to help? The problems seem so big and I feel so small, like anything I could do would be insignificant or too little too late.

Higgins:   In the Grand Scheme of Things you are small. However, your individual contributions are not insignificant.

Creation occurs in immediate time meaning right now you are creating your personal future. All thought, yours and everyone else’s, radiates out into the Universe and is held in a virtual warehouse. Once a thought creation is in the warehouse it may be withdrawn by you or anyone else an infinite number of times. Withdrawals are made primarily by default meaning you don’t know how you get what you get. These withdrawals can be either positive or negative.

Removing something from this warehouse looks to you like a life event. For example, you and your friends want to go see a movie so arrangements are made and away you go to the theater. Let’s also say that you have made clear to yourself and the Universe in general that you value personal safety. When you are absolutely clear that you value safety you will never, ever choose to see a movie where a gunman is planning to open fire. Never. It defies law. You can set your clear intention as little as a few minutes, sometimes seconds, before an event occurs and change the outcome for the positive.

Holding this clear intention for safety is an intentional use of the warehouse. You are clearly expecting positive events regarding personal safety. Muddy intentions do not work well. Clear intentions work well.

The best thing any one person can do to positively affect the world around them is to make clear your own intentions. Do you intend safety? Do you intend to be kind? Do you intend your own prosperity and good health? Do you intend to maintain fulfilling relationships? Being clear on your own intentions is the first and most important thing you can do to help. Remember that by making clear your intentions and desires you create your experience. Your neighbor’s house may crumble under hurricane pressures but your house will be skipped over. Variously, your house may also crumble but you will be on vacation on a sunny beach somewhere.

The important thing is that you create a pleasing life for yourself  and simultaneously place in that warehouse of possibility pleasing events for anyone else who chooses safety, kindness, prosperity, good health or fulfilling relationships.

Additionally, each time you act based on your own intentions, kindness for example, you create new positive possibility that is stored in that warehouse for you or anyone else to latch onto. In this simple way positive life experience is guaranteed for you as long as your intentions remain clear and un-muddied and positive life experience is also available to anyone else who seeks the same things you do.

This means that while you may not stop a war, a hurricane, a shooter or a bomber you may well make available the means for another human being in a frightening situation to make a withdrawal of safety in their time of need.

Envisioning and enjoying  a great life for yourself, a life lived gently and kindly,  is truly the best thing you can do for all of mankind.

Received May 21, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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