Mastering the Life Experience

Higgins:     Continuing our response from June 4, 2013…..

Presumably you’ve now been practicing holding your personal energy in harmonious flow for several days and feel somewhat stronger. If not, we ask you right now to set your energy to flowing from head to toe. When one’s personal energy is flowing properly one feels stronger. Period. So maintaining personal energy is extremely important in Mastery.

Mastering the Life Experience is a magnificent goal. The road to Mastery is fulfilling and rewarding.

You said to us via e-mail you are stuck in the lowest possible position with disability, very limited income, no date, daughter doesn’t treat you well, can’t speak for more than 2 min because of vocal cord problems, and with all these physical problems working causes an even worse physical situation. Each of these issues can be summed up as data. All these problems really are is information.

The beauty of negative experience is it helps define who you are not. Once you know who you are not you know more clearly who you are.

The road to Mastering the Life Experience is about taking all the data collected day-to-day and using it to advantage. What you know right now very clearly is you want your daughter to treat you lovingly, you want money to flow easily into your life experience, you want to attract a satisfying relationship with a life partner, you want to experience robust good health and you want to be able to speak your truth. These things are the Truth about you. These things are who you are.

It is imperative to understand that how you respond to today’s life events dictates what your future will bring. Relax into life as it is right now with all life’s warts and hard spots. Relaxing is the most important thing you can do to change your life experience and frankly, sometimes it is the only thing you can do in those moments of discomfort.

Next, look for the good in every situation. Even the most difficult diagnosis is simply a piece of information. Every life event no matter how big or small can be thought of as the arrow of a compass. If the event is negative you are heading generally in the wrong direction, away from expressing the Truth of Who You Are. If the event is positive it indicates general momentum towards expressing the Truth of Who You Are.

Expressing the Truth of Who You Are is what life is all about. Emotions, feeling good or bad, are directional arrows designed to guide each of you towards happiness and fulfillment. When the arrows pointing towards negativity are ignored the negativity manifests as negative life events (such as your daughter not treating you well) and when ignored long enough that same negativity will eventually manifest as ill-health.

Friend, this is where you are in life. You must master making choices based on which feels better and you must learn to determine who you are and what you want from the negativity presented. Many times you will have the choice of two evils. Always pick the choice that brings relief and silences that nagging inner voice. Then you must focus on the most positive aspects of life as though your life depends on it. It does.

The more intensely you are able to focus on what you want and produce a positive feeling when thinking about that thing the quicker your life will turn around. There is no energetic program, psychic, self-help guru or any other thing that will help you with more effect than this. You are guided towards the perfect life by your Broader, Eternal You. No one knows better than your Broader You what is right for you and your Broader You guides you with emotions, good and bad feelings. None other will guide you more surely than you will guide yourself when you master following your emotions and when you master following your emotions you will be will on your way to Mastery of the Life Experience.

Received June 12, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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