Finds it Difficult to Focus

Question:     Why is it so difficult for me to focus upon what I want?

Higgins:     There are many reasons why it can be difficult to focus. You (specifically the asker) tend to allow yourself to tire and when the body and/or mind is tired it is quite difficult to focus. It is best to rest when tired to allow the well of inner energy to refill. If you find sleep does not come easily have some quiet activity available. Television is least desirable because it is stimulating. Meditation is best because quieting the mind, better even than sleep, will help refill the brain’s reservoirs. Listening to soothing music without lyrics is another good choice because it helps lull the brain into a slow and therefore recharging mode.

Further, if sleep is not easy then either of these quiet activities is restful enough to allow the body to recharge simultaneously.

Distractions are another obstacle to focusing on one’s desires. The best remedy to obstacles is to remind yourself that there is a solution (and a darn good one) to every problem. In looking for the solution you will find that there are no obstacles. All those things you thought were obstacles really are helping you identify what you really want. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have when you allow life to flow through, over and around obstacles.

Think of a lazy river. There could be a boulder in the middle of it, or ten boulders, or a hundred boulders and the river simply flows by, enhanced rather than diminished by the boulders accenting it. Be the lazy river and allow obstacles in life to be aesthetically pleasing boulders dotting the landscape of your life.

With practice you will discover life to be filled with nothing but treasure.

Received July 7, 2013

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