Question About Marijuana


I have a question about marijuana. I know that it does, while high, give the illusion of deep connections, magical happenings and can actually spur some very creative ideas that have staying power.  Would you say that cannabis is useful in raising a persons vibration, say to get unstuck? OR is it just a crutch that could keep one stuck at lower vibrations in the long run?
I know during meditation the ‘high’ that I get can become just as habit-forming as say a drug high but the meditation high is more short-lived (depending on how long I meditate) although much more blissful than a cannabis high.
In short how would you compare the highs between drug induced and natural or energetic highs?


Marijuana can be very helpful in relaxing the mind, slowing the brain waves such that connection between physical and non-physical can be made. It does not raise vibration on a permanent basis and consistent use of it would prevent a person from making the same close connection on their own. Used long-term the use of marijuana would hamper the very connection it can assist in making.

Meditation highs are shorter lived than your marijuana high only because you are still developing your connection. The goal, of course, of meditation and connecting with your Broader Self is to make such a clear connection that you live life in that high vibration that feels so good without the aid of herbs or drugs of any kind. That is the ultimate high, truly being high on life. So how would we compare the highs? They are two different things achieved two different ways. The marijuana high can be considered a teaching aid and a meditation high a learning process high. The real high you seek is that same great feeling every moment of every day simply because you are so well-connected to your personal power source that life is your playground.

We encourage you to get high on life.

Received August 7, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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