The Kindness Paradigm (1)

It is time to create a new paradigm for life on Earth, a paradigm based in kindness. To do that, we must create a vision of our collective future. It is my intention to lay out such a plan for your consideration. I call it The Kindness Paradigm.

To create the world we desire we must create a common vision, one that enhances all lives and diminishes none.  The Kindness Paradigm is based on the belief that there are certain desires ubiquitous to all mankind; recognizes that the achievement of those desires will look different to each individual; is a vision of a way of living in which happiness is the driving force and decisions are based on kindness; is a vision of life in which enthusiasm for the life one leads is of paramount importance and the importance of achieving one’s individual desires is understood and supported by all.

I will lay this out in segments over the next weeks and months.

Bright Blessings,


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