The Kindness Paradigm (2)

A Common Vision

When a group of people wish to construct a thing, it could be anything… a building or vacation plans, they develop a shared vision of what they want to achieve. In order for humanity to make fruitful and lasting change we need to do the same thing. We need to develop a shared vision for life on Earth.

Whatever we create it must be a world vision, one that enhances all lives and diminishes none. It must hold true for everyone, not in compromise but in fact, and it must exalt the individual. It must support the development and achievement of personal desires because it is the nurturing support of the individual that is the glue that will promote global harmony.

A vision that holds true for every person on Earth must begin with commonalities. What are our commonalities? What qualities in life are universally desirable?

I feel that every person needs to feel safe and secure and free to follow their heart’s desires; every person needs to thrive both physically and mentally; all people want relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling; that all mankind wants to prosper; and at the end of the day the most important qualities of life are to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

There is no thing that is more important than pursuing the heart’s desires. It is the heart’s desires that stimulate us to action and drives us to pursue our talents. The expression of the heart’s desires causes the heart to soar. Call that soaring heart happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction…put your own name to it. Whatever it is called, a soaring heart is a heart full of gladness and a world full of glad hearts is the goal of The Kindness Paradigm.

While life may look different for every person the qualities that make life great are the same for everyone. In the Kindness Paradigm each person is free to pursue their heart’s desire so life for one may look substantially different from life for another but the qualities they feel are the same. They all feel safe and secure, both physically and emotionally. They feel safe and secure enough to pursue their heart’s desires. They all thrive in their own way. They all have relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling although one may have hundreds of friends and another just a few. They all prosper. Though some may have more and others less the common factor is they all have plenty, their needs are not just met they are well met. At the end of the day they all feel satisfied and fulfilled with their respective day, days and finally, their entire life.

Cheryl Jensen, August 10, 2013, Lake Goodwin, USA

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