The Kindness Paradigm (3)

A Bridge From Here to There

The Kindness Paradigm is based on the belief that there are certain desires that are ubiquitous to all mankind yet it is expected that the achievement of those desires will look different to every individual. The desires are: to feel safe and secure and free to follow one’s heart’s desires; to thrive both physically and mentally; to experience and maintain relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling; to prosper; to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

The pursuit and achievement of these desires is what produces inner happiness and every person has a right to pursue their own heart’s desires…even when we don’t want them to want what they want. So how can a planet full of people, whose personal versions of these desires look so vastly different, get along well enough to allow each to follow their own dream? And moreover, help them find their dream (the very one we may not want them to have), help them find it and pursue it?

What we need is a bridge from here to there.

I asked Higgins a few months ago to help me vision a Kindness Paradigm. They said (in part):

“From our perspective a Kindness Paradigm for life on Earth is one in which each of you commit words and actions from kindness, kindness being defined as arising from the understanding that what affects one affects another thus nurturing a desire to create harmony through positive word and action.”

They went on to say:

“A Kindness Paradigm offers a format for societal structure that nurtures the individual…every individual. Every individual, properly nurtured, will grow to be something positive.
Think of a flower garden. Regardless of the species of plant chosen it needs space to thrive, temperatures neither too hot nor too cold, too wet nor too dry, neither shall it be too windy. Given proper nutrition and attention each plant within a garden grows to be a lush representation of whatever it is and whatever it is adds to the loveliness of the overall picture. The garden as a whole is less for each plant that fails to thrive.

A Kindness Paradigm for life would offer each individual the nurturing required to thrive. Right now, we see most of you simply existing within a framework that is ill-fitting (your current paradigm) and chafes the human spirit the same way an ill-fitting shoe chafes the foot.”

(That was posted April 10, 2013 if you wish to go back and read the entire post.)

The bridge we seek helps us learn to nurture one another. One possibility looks like this: Relax within your life as it is right now, with all its warts and strange beautiful things; practice allowing and accepting everything just as it is with no changes whatsoever; develop compassion for yourselves and others, the game of life is challenging and complex; from compassion, kindness will overflow; that kindness will spring forth in all sorts of ways that nurture the human spirit.

Cheryl Jensen, August 14, 2013, at Lake Goodwin, Washington, USA

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