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The Kindness Paradigm (11): A Review

A Review It is very difficult to make change in our lives, or indeed in the world, when we have no vision for what a changed world looks like. That said, let us draw our attention once again towards The … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (28)

In the United States we are educated by a system. This ‘education’ begins when we are very young. We learn to be consumers. We learn to work long hours to ‘get ahead’. We learn lots of things but these things … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (3)

A Bridge From Here to There The Kindness Paradigm is based on the belief that there are certain desires that are ubiquitous to all mankind yet it is expected that the achievement of those desires will look different to every … Continue reading

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Visioning a Kindness Paradigm

Question: Will you help me vision a Kindness Paradigm? Higgins: Yes. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s start by having you define kind. Questioner: Merriam Webster says sympathetic, loving; of a sympathetic or helpful nature; of a forbearing nature: gentle; arising … Continue reading

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