The Kindness Paradigm (28)

In the United States we are educated by a system. This ‘education’ begins when we are very young. We learn to be consumers. We learn to work long hours to ‘get ahead’. We learn lots of things but these things we learn about what we should do and what we should want…these things don’t necessarily please us or agree with us. We do them because we’ve been conditioned to believe that we want to and sometimes simply to prevent feeling guilty.

The Kindness Paradigm allows us to choose to listen to our own inner wisdom and to reinvent a social system that supports humanity by supporting individual expression.

Some might say that we already encourage individual expression and in ways we do. For some we do. The difference is that a Kindness Paradigm supports the individual expression of everyone, not just the few. Again, one could argue that everyone has opportunity to pursue their dreams. I disagree. Our early ‘education’ steers us into debt and because of all the things we are ‘educated’ to want many of us get locked in by the golden handcuffs of money. So while technically we could pursue anything, we don’t because we work at grinding jobs. Some people truly love their jobs but I’m betting that most don’t. Most don’t. That’s a lot of people spending a large part of any week doing, working, to support an economic machine rather than spending their time doing things that support their happiness.

I submit to you that by pursuing our individual happiness we will support a more financially viable economic system rather than a less viable system.

Cheryl Jensen, February 18, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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