The Kindness Paradigm (4)


Keep in mind that the goal of the Kindness Paradigm is to develop in each of us an understanding of what makes us feel most alive. Then, when we find what makes us feel most alive we want to help one another pursue whatever it is. Why is that our goal? Because it is the pursuit and achievement of those things that make us feel alive that makes us feel happy and provide us with a sense of well-being.

The first step on the bridge from here to there is to relax.

Each time you clench up inside, the way you do when jealousy, indecision, anger or fear strikes, a barrier is effectively erected between you and your natural well-being. Relaxing will help you come to peace with what is.

A marvelous visualization for learning to relax is that of learning to water ski. Envision yourself in the water behind a ski boat. You are floating easily in a life vest. There are two long skis strapped to you, one on each foot. Try as you will you simply cannot pull those skis into alignment and trying to do so is painful. In fact, the more you struggle and work to straighten those skis the more it hurts.

The water itself grips those skis and pulls one leg this way and the other that way and there may seemingly be no way to get those skis positioned. That is, until your friends in the boat call out, “Relax! The skis will float into place the moment you quit struggling!”

It seems incomprehensible yet you allow yourself to do nothing. Every muscle relaxes and your life vest does keep your head comfortably above water and impossibly, the skis do immediately float into position.

That is what you are trying to achieve: total relaxation. When you relax and quit struggling life aligns swiftly and easily and better yet, it will quit hurting.

A good way to relax is to play. Play is refreshing. There is nothing quite like it to relax both mind and body. Sand, water, balls and bicycles are still fun. You will sleep better, feel better and enjoy life more when you establish a regular rhythm of play time.

Once relaxed, the mind then has the opportunity to receive inspiration. In this way, you literally relax into positive thought and action which will lead straight into your own well-being.

Cheryl Jensen, August 17, 2013, Lake Goodwin, Washington, USA

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