The Emotional Danger Zone Explained

Question:     Please explain the Emotional Danger Zone you spoke of in your post on June 6 about anger.

(On June 8, 2013 I posted this response from Higgins:

Question:     Why do I get angry?

Higgins:     Anger is an emotion that produces energy. It is sort of an Emotional Danger Zone.  Anger is designed to stimulate you towards action in those times when you are slipping towards a feeling of powerlessness.)


Higgins:     Consider the range of emotions humans can experience. Much like a piano keyboard has low notes on one end and high notes on the other there are low emotions and high emotions. The determination of low or high is based on the vibration a particular emotion produces. Low vibration is slow vibration. It produces emotions that do not feel very good and do not produce much power. High vibrations are quick and they do feel good. High vibrations have lots of energy.

A list of vibrations from low to  high might look like this; despair, depression, rage, anger, hope, enthusiasm, joy.

Enthusiasm and joy feel good and produce lots of energy. They also attract similar vibration so life events are very nice for a person who consistently offers these emotions.

Hope is another positive feeling emotion. It is not as rapid as enthusiasm and joy and produces less energy. Still, hope is in the positive range of emotions and many positive life experiences are attracted from hope.

Emotions below hope attract less desirable life experiences. These slower vibrations do not feel good and in fact are in some ways undesirable. The purpose of low, slow emotions is to act as a warning signal. Low, negative feeling emotions are signals indicating thought, word or action that is in some way out of harmony with the Eternal Truth of Who You Are. Negative emotions are signposts guiding you out of harms way and towards a life of wonder and pleasant adventure.

If a person is experiencing any emotion in the anger range something in their life is causing them to feel powerless. Anger is an emotion that takes back power. Anytime a person slips into rage or anger it simply is to boost that person into action, action that will lead them away from those very slow, powerless, negative emotions. That is why we call anger ( and similar emotions such as rage, frustration and impatience) the Emotional Danger Zone.

Think of a fish caught on a fishing line. The fish will throw itself about trying to free itself from this trap. The more terrified the fish the greater the contortions it goes through to free itself.  That is what anger is: anger is a human instinctively trying to free themselves from an emotional trap. The deeper they slip towards powerless emotions the harder they struggle and that struggle appears as rage and anger.

Next time you find yourself slipping into impatience and irritability stop yourself. Remind yourself that you are not a victim. None of you are victims. There simply is no such thing. Instead, look for a solution to the current issue and act. This will feel empowering and quickly you will slide up the emotional scale into better feeling emotions.

Received June 9, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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