Meditation January 26, 2021

Higgins visited me yesterday morning and asked once again for me to begin meditation for fifteen minutes every day. Actually, they asked a few things:

  1. meditate 15 minutes every day
  2. write 15 minutes every day
  3. continue my current exercise regimen
  4. continue my current diet (of no food additives)
  5. and to do something every day towards making my life and surroundings exactly as I would have them be

This morning I did my fifteen minutes of meditation and they moved my head around a bit. I’ve no idea whether it is important but they did a left right movement first tilting my right ear towards my right shoulder and then left ear towards left shoulder. This moving of my head becomes monotonous and at one point they paused and it was clearly a message to me to wait for them to move me rather than anticipating that they will move me and moving first.

If you have ever practiced ballroom dance, the gentleman leads and the lady follows. Sometimes, a lady can follow too closely and the lady will move, anticipating what is coming next, before the gentleman’s movement invites her to do so. Apparently, I was following too closely.

They did that for fully fifteen minutes and at the end they didn’t leave. I opened my eyes and waited for them to do something but all they did was stare intently at a spot on the world map on the wall about twenty feet away. When I finally realized that was the message, I noted the location. Once I had noted the location to their satisfaction they moved my eyes to another location and finally to a third. When I had all three firmly fixed in my mind they left.

I walked across the room to the map and noted the locations. The first was between Argentina and Chile, but not on the coast. The closest city is Salta. There is a large area south and west of Salta with no cities indicated on the map. That seemed to be the area they were focused on.

The second area was in the Caribbean around the islands of Grenada and Barbados. Definitely not as far north as Cuba nor as far south as the South American continent.

The third area they focused on was covered by a paper that I had pinned up. Even after lifting the paper and looking closely, the best I could determine was Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq. I don’t think it was as far south as Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Oman.

I have no idea why they focused my eyes so intently on these three areas. When I find out more I will let you know.


January 26, 2021

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