History of Higgins

I’m a little surprised to discover that people are actually interested in how Higgins came to be with me. Since our daily meditations are routine and unexciting I thought I would share something of our history. I have kept journals for years and have located them, all except the one in which they actually arrived….how could I mislay that one? Nevertheless, I’m reading up on my last twenty years to find the right place to start.

They came in 2005. March probably. Back then I worked evening shift and arrived home about 11:45 or midnight. My habit was to meditate for a bit before going to bed and once they arrived those meditations became surreal. But looking back, there was a prelude, a period of time before their arrival when many strange things happened. I will start there.

I invite you to join me in remembering the early days of Higgins.


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