How Can I Talk With God/Allah/Creator? (1 of 2)

Question:     How can I talk with God/Allah/Creator?

Higgins:     That thing called God, Allah and Creator is the primary source of all life. Each one of you is connected by a metaphorical umbilical cord to Source. You cannot help but communicate with Source and whether you are aware of it or not, you do communicate continually and Source always responds.

Good communication is a two-way street and what you are really asking is, “How do I understand the responses I receive?” In other words, you are (in a sense) re-gaining consciousness and now wish to participate more fully in the relationship you have with Source.

While words are the primary focus of communication between physicals, emotion is what Source ‘listens’ to. Whatever you think about, talk about and act upon with emotion Source responds to. The greater your emotion regarding the topic the swifter and bolder the response from Source.

While humans understand and use the word ‘no’, Source does not respond to ‘no’ the way humans expect. Source responds to emotion. Whatever emotion you send out Source responds to in kind. That means each time you say ‘no’, Source says ‘yes’ to the very thing you say ‘no’ to.

For example, you want to not struggle with money. Sources hears you say, “I struggle with money.” Then Source sends you more financial difficulties to struggle with.

We encourage you to learn to look for the positive in every situation. Source will respond to your emotional directive. You will always know how well or poorly you are doing by the daily life events that come your way. If they bring a sense of contentment and joy then you’ve been sending out the ‘right words’ to Source and you have learned to communicate clearly.

Received June 12, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA




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