To Thrive Is Your Birthright

Higgins:     It is your birthright to thrive, to flourish, to prosper. When you do not flourish, when you are not content with life the Broader, eternal being that guides you through this life stimulates you to take action. This stimulus feels like boredom or discontent, frustration or anxiety, anger, depression and even fear.

The current unrest that rocks Earth’s people is related to life dissatisfaction and a subsequent desire to feel powerful.

Dissatisfaction with life is simply information. What each of you as individuals do with this information is the deciding factor in outcome. While some of you use a feeling of dissatisfaction as an opportunity to consider new ideas that stimulate growth and positive change, some of you act as though you are victims who have no control over their situation. When you feel you have no control the Broader, eternal being that guides you through life stimulates you to anger. Anger is a powerful emotion designed to stimulate you to action. If action is not taken anger eventually degrades into powerless emotions such as depression and fear.

We applaud action that shifts a person’s emotion from powerless to powerful. However, action taken by one at the expense of the happiness and well-being of another is never in harmony with one’s Eternal truth and will eventually lead to more negativity.

We encourage instead an awakening to the power that resides within. That eternal connection that each of you has to God/Allah/Creator itself supplies each with internal wisdom to create prosperity and happiness. We encourage each of you to release your sense of being victimized and tap into the wisdom and power of the Universal Supreme Source and create from this place of wholeness instead.

Received June 16, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA




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