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How Can We Stop the Fighting in the Middle East and Ukraine?

Question:     How can we stop the fighting in the Middle East? Higgins:     We suggest you do not try to stop the fighting. Instead, we suggest you focus your attention on solving the problems that cause the discontent that lead to the … Continue reading

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To Thrive Is Your Birthright

Higgins:     It is your birthright to thrive, to flourish, to prosper. When you do not flourish, when you are not content with life the Broader, eternal being that guides you through this life stimulates you to take action. This stimulus … Continue reading

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Iraq–How Can We Stop the Atrocities?

Question:     The news reported that over 7,800 people were killed in Iraq yesterday. Why do humans, when we all want peace and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones, commit these atrocities? Why don’t those of us witnessing this, like me, … Continue reading

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