Iraq–How Can We Stop the Atrocities?

Question:     The news reported that over 7,800 people were killed in Iraq yesterday. Why do humans, when we all want peace and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones, commit these atrocities? Why don’t those of us witnessing this, like me, stand up against it? Why don’t we say or do anything to stop this?

Higgins:     Consider, Friend, that you yourself cannot step forward, lay your hand on the muzzle of a shooters gun and ask that person to cease, even if only because you are thousands of miles away from where this is occurring. You and others who are equally dismayed by this don’t do anything because you don’t know what to do.

Military action has been attempted and as you are aware has failed. This fails because the human experience is bound by powerful Universal Laws and ‘no’ is not understood or held within these laws. The Universal Laws are, in ways, similar to a computer program. A computer can only process information within its programmed capabilities and the Universe does not process ‘no’. Instead, the Universe processes everything as ‘yes’.

As long as you and others like you and your governments and the Iraqi people focus upon the atrocities that are occurring the only response the Universe can provide is yes. What you must focus upon is the beauty within the ugliness and you must say yes.

The beauty within the ugliness is truly magnificent and it behooves mankind to look at all atrocities from a new approach. Consider that one who commits an ugliness is seeking happiness. Consider that one who shoots, maims, kills, steals, assaults or verbally abuses is actually seeking to feel better. Consider also, and with compassion, how desperate one must be to commit such ugliness.

We would then have you begin to regard perpetrators of ugliness everywhere as blessed unto God and to All That Is, just as you yourself are. If you are all equally blessed in the love of All That Is, and you are, we would have you begin considering how you can uplift the lives of those who are so desperate that they commit such atrocities such that they begin to feel within themselves the beauty that they are. Create a world climate in which every person is encouraged to follow their dreams. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not the only man to ever have a dream. You all have dreams and it is following dreams that makes you who you are, just as following his dream made Martin Luther King, Jr. the man he was.

We submit to you that assisting one another, uplifting one another, is the way to world peace. We are not talking about giving a handout, we are talking about giving a hand up.

Received January 2, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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