How Can I Talk With God/Allah/Creator? (2 of 2)

Higgins:     Let’s talk about prayer.

When a person ‘talks’ to God (Allah or Prime Source) God ‘hears’ your ‘words’ by interpreting the vibration of them. Imagine that your prayer thoughts spread out into the Universe much the way a pebble tossed into water creates rings that ripple across the surface of the water.

God/Allah ‘feels’ these ripples and interprets the meaning. Meaning is always ‘felt’ and interpreted as the emotion that ‘carried’ the thoughts/words out into the Universe.

If you will pray in desperation, Prime Source ‘reads’ desperation and responds. The wheels of the Universe turn and you are presented with more to be desperate about. You wonder why God doesn’t respond to you. What is misunderstood is that God always responds.

Universal response is much like a vending machine. You put in your order and the Universe responds every time. The miscommunication comes from human expectation. Mankind ‘says’,  “I am uncomfortable in some way. Please make this situation that is uncomfortable go away.” God/the Universe responds by sending more for you to feel uncomfortable about. And you lose faith in your Creator.

What we would like you to consider is that God/Allah’s Universal Vending Machine responds to the vibration your prayer carries rather than the words. If mankind will pray, “I deeply appreciate those times in my life where harmony prevailed,” and match that with the appropriate appreciative feeling the Universal Vending Machine will begin to shift. Harmony will begin to happen.

The Universal Vending Machine may be a little stiff at first but the more appreciative lubrication you give it the easier and swifter wonderful things will be delivered to you.

Received June 20, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Lune says:

    Awesome post. Great message. This really puts prayer into perspective for me. Thanks for sharing!

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