My Prayer of Choices, Children’s Version

Jan Stone adapted My Prayer of Choices to make it accessible to children. I think you will agree her adaptation is lovely. I have chosen to shorten the title to ‘Choices’ for the children’s version.


By Cheryl Jensen and adapted for children by Jan Stone 

These are the things I choose for me:

I choose to feel calm and peaceful inside, to feel good about what will happen to me and to wake up each morning looking forward to fun.

I choose to be safe.

I choose to have great ideas about what to do and to believe that my ideas are really clever and good.

I choose to follow my ideas and to find out what I’m interested in and what I really love doing.

I know other people choose to do different things to the things l like, and that’s fine. It’s okay for them to want to do different stuff. I’ve already chosen to be safe and peaceful, so that’s what I will be.

I choose to have days filled with all the things I love doing.

I choose to feel great, to be well in my body and in my thoughts.

I choose to be with people who make me feel happy and good inside.

I choose to finish everyday feeling proud of myself and pleased about the good things that have happened.

When I close my eyes at night, I choose to sleep peacefully, and when I wake up in the morning I choose to feel well and rested and to be excited about the day ahead.

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