My Prayer of Choices

It seems lately that the news is filled with victims. Higgins stresses that we are not victims. We are active participants. They reminded me to choose what I want before I walk out the door each morning and before I go to sleep at night so that I am not involved in these shootings and bombings and awfulnesses. I wrote this prayer in answer to their suggestion. Feel free to use it if you like it. cj-

My Prayer of Choices

These are the things I choose for myself:

I choose to have a sense of peace in my soul, to feel secure about my future and to face each day with eager anticipation.

I choose safety.

I choose to feel free to follow my inspirations and my intuition and to allow inspiration and intuition to lead me unerringly through my days.

I choose to follow these inspirations to find what I am interested in and passionate about. I know that others are also inspired to find what they are passionate about and their interests may be far different from my own interests. It is OK for others to choose a different path from me, I have already chosen safety and security and what others choose does not distract the Universe from providing me with what I have already chosen.

I choose to have days filled with things that interest me and absorb my attention.

I choose to prosper.

I choose to thrive both mentally and physically.

I choose to have relationships that are fulfilling and interactions that are uplifting.

I choose to reach the end of each day feeling satisfied.

When I close my eyes at night, I choose to sleep peacefully. And when I awaken in the morning I choose to feel refreshed, with a sense of eager anticipation for the day ahead.

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5 Responses to My Prayer of Choices

  1. janonlife says:

    I love this prayer. It’s so different to the kind of ‘begging’ prayers I grew up with – ‘please do this for me and save me from that and help me to do the other.’
    With your beautiful prayer, we take back our power and make our own choices, in the certain knowledge that All That Is provides us with endless opportunities to make those choices and draw to ourselves the experiences we choose.

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