More on Achieving Desires

Question:     I still don’t understand why you mostly say that things (our desires) come to us with no effort and then say it does take effort. Which is it?

Higgins:     We have been watching (American) football through the entity. During a game a few weeks ago the Seahawks played the Saints. There was a particular play in which the Saints lost the ball. The ball bounced into the arms of a Seahawks team member.

That is the no effort we are talking about.

Effort must be extended to achieve the skills one needs to achieve their desired goals. The joy that one feels while extending that effort, the belief one has in one’s skills and the joy one has in presenting the skills (as during a game) are the emotional/vibrational cues that stimulate the Universe to provide opportunity.

That particular ball bounced the direction it did because the Universe aligned with that player, that team in that moment to offer them this magnificent opportunity. That player, that team was completely attuned in that moment with their desires and the Universe must respond.

It is that sort of opportunity that we mean when we say it takes no effort on your part. There is nothing that any of you can do physically, no amount of energy that can be exerted that will create that sort of opportunity. Only harmonious alignment with and joyful focus upon your desires will create that.

Received January 26, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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