Clarify Contrast

Question:     Higgins, I am preparing your manual, Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence, for publication. In the first chapter you state:  Contrast is of great importance in your physical realm.  In fact, your realm is all about contrast.  It is in the contrast, it is in the bumping into experiences that you like and that you don’t like, that you define yourself.  For you know most clearly who you are when you are certain who you are not.

What do you mean by who you are not? How do we know who we are not?

Higgins:     Those things that feel bad to you and that you do not like are not you.

For example, if you look in the mirror and feel negative emotion about the extra weight you carry then the extra weight is not true about you and you will continue to feel negative about it until you change your habits to an extent that your body comes back into alignment with a weight and fitness level that feels more harmonious.

Another example, if you are having financial difficulty and are fearful about money then you know right away that financial difficulty is not the truth of you. It is an aberration and when you begin to think more positively about money, more positive emotions will follow. The Universe must provide for you a more positive, better feeling financial situation.

When you feel smug about your financial situation, or your weight or really anything, you are in your Truth. We do not encourage you to gloat, but smug is a great indicator of satisfaction and satisfaction is Truth and it is who you are.

Received January 29, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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