Forget About Finding A Job?

Question:     This question refers to the following post from January 8, 2014

“Forget about money. Forget about health. Forget about age. Do whatever it is you came here to do with what resources and abilities you do have.”

So you would recommend forget about looking for a job and just do what I feel I am meant to do with the time I have even though there seems to be no source of income from which to pay bills and such? In other words get in to the flow of the creative process and let everything else take care of itself?

Higgins:     No, Friend, that is not what we are saying.

We ask you to look at yourself– your talents, your interests, your resources whatever they may be– and do the best you possibly can to represent your True Being with what you already have. Possibly, money and time are not resources you have. If there is no money to pay the bills and you must eat and live somewhere then you must solve that. We recommend solving it by following the path of least resistance. By that we mean take whatever job comes easily to hand whether or not it is your heart’s desire. This way you can pay the bills and eat. After that, in what time and with what resources you do have, do whatever it is you came here to do.

The reason we suggest taking whatever job comes easily to hand is that life is designed to be easy and smooth. While you are waiting for the perfect job your vibrational emission about work and paying bills is uncertain thus creating a goodly amount of uncertainty in your future thus inhibiting your ability to get into the flow of the creative process.

Rather than do that, we suggest taking a job to pay the bills thus settling your vibration surrounding money. Then use the data you collect about the job and your creative ability to align vibrationally with something you like better.

Received February 4, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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