Soul Lead Same as Following Highest Emotion?

Question:     I am leaping into being a ‘new human’, meaning at the very least those that are spirit-lead/soul-lead. Being soul-lead/spirit-lead…is this the same as following one’s highest emotion?!

Higgins:     Following one’s highest emotion is a part of being soul-lead/spirit lead. Intuition, inspiration and impulse are also methods of communication that a soul-lead/spirit-lead person would follow. One can follow emotions regardless of intention. One will have best success following intuition, inspiration and impulse when their intentions are clear and pure.

One very easy place to start in clarifying intentions is to state, “I choose to move towards happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.” One may develop their own statement. To do so, choose words that resonate within the heart. What is important is choosing to be true to one’s own Self. This is sort of like the Harry Potter scene when Harry has the sorting hat upon his head and is afraid to be put in Slytherin. Harry says over and over, “Not Slytherin!” The hat ponders for some time then announces, “Gryffindor!”

One chooses one’s direction whether consciously or unconsciously. We suggest choosing it consciously. Life is more fun that way.

A note…we do suggest choosing in the positive. Rather than stating, “Not Slytherin!” we would say, “Put me in Gryffindor!”

Received December 9, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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