Is Website Hype or Significant?

Question:     Many sites like this: are spreading information….. but is it all just Hype or is there really some significance??

Cheryl:     As with the WingMaker’s site, this site is large and we briefly reviewed the site together but by no means did we read it all.

Higgins:     ‘More surprises ahead and shocking events’ seems to pretty clearly sum up what has been happening on Earth and what will continue to happen. We appreciate the vivacious attitude this website conveys towards the Shift of the Ages.

We would like you to understand that each of you creates your own future. Your response to the events of today dictates what your future will bring. If you would rather not attract shocking events into your life then do not focus upon the horrendous. Do what you need to do to pass through the event then focus on that which pleases you.

Example for clarity: A natural disaster flattens a town on another continent. Of course this is unsettling but there is little you can physically do to assist. Financial donations to assist relief efforts can be helpful and provide the donator a sense of helping in some way and that is useful on both sides. However, brooding on this will not help you. Many of you do not understand that brooding is actually harmful to you and potentially harmful to those you are wishing to help. Instead, relax and send good wishes their way. Positive prayer, peaceful meditation…these are things that are helpful. Believe in the inherent power of the people actively affected. Believe in their inherent wellness. Believe in their ability to rise from this into something greater and more wonderful than before. They, like you, are God incarnate.

You physicals like to think that you are victims. In some way, this provides relief…it removes responsibility for the bad things that occur. Yet there are no victims. Life is created by what you think about and by how you feel about what you think about.

Stop focusing on the negative. When you focus on the negative you only create more negative. Thus you effectively victimize yourself.

In essence, all these ‘surprises and shocking events’ are created by mankind and will cease the moment mankind chooses peace by being peaceful.

Received December 8, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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2 Responses to Is Website Hype or Significant?

  1. On the topic of ‘Victims’. I invariably make people angry when I hold the philosophy that there are no victims and that to look at someone or ourselves as if they/we are is dis-empowering. Also when I feel someone playing the part of a victim or sympathizing with someone as if they are a victim it can raise my ire.
    So my question is also related to compassion. Compassion as I see it…is not feeling sorry for someone, but is more useful as an empowering practice. For example; recently I had someone living with me who was really playing into the role of a victim, thinking they could shirk responsibilities and consideration because of their “special’ problems or circumstances. I responded in a way that was not ‘feeling sorry’ or could have been looked at as being insensitive, by bringing up their responsibilities and lack of consideration. I felt as though I was being compassionate (even as I was angry with them for their wanting to be a victim) by not treating them ‘special’ as if they had a problem or were a victim.
    They did not get it and I just looked and sort of felt like a bully (at first). But does that make sense what I am saying.
    what are your thoughts on that.. Showing compassion and empowering victims….

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