Creating Community for the Soul Self

Question:     I am leaping into being a ‘new human’, meaning at the very least those that are spirit-lead/soul-lead. Part of this leaping is being and/or gathering in community beings of similar joy and abundance. What kind of school/center/community is needing to be created so humans can evolve into their soul selves.

Higgins:     The single most important aspect of human happiness is the discovery of and subsequent expression of a person’s spiritual gifts. Thus the focus of the system and indeed, the climate of world culture, must be to support the discovery and development of each child’s gifts, even if the child is 109.

Life is designed to be an ever unfolding adventure and one’s livelihood is expected to be derived from following one’s interests. Therefore, a system that supports the development of those things that interest and uplift the individual will produce happy people who are (because happiness breeds these things) healthy and financially stable.

The choice to develop spiritually may stem from the pursuit of happiness but is not a requirement in the discovery and development of one’s interests.

Received December 10, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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2 Responses to Creating Community for the Soul Self

  1. Mayflower says:

    For some reason this question brings to mind Higgins’ offering: “Be very careful of the company you keep.”

    • Interesting. I remember that. There was no hint of that particular thought direction as I brought this through though. This was all about the one thing, more than any other, that will help mankind move forward into a soul-lead life. I suppose the result is that one would be surrounding themselves with positive energy producing people.

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