Transition When You Want To

This question refers back the post of March 25, 2014, Why Do Some People Want To Die But Can’t?

Question:     Those of us that hear and practice this information; will we be able to transition when we want to and not get stuck?

Higgins:     Let’s start with a clarification of ‘stuck’. We have used ‘stuck’ to describe energy that is not flowing along its natural course through the body. Stuck energy leads to disease. It also leads to an inability to transition into the next realm easily and smoothly.

The physical realm and the Game of Physical Life…this is difficult. So to guarantee that by practicing our offerings none of you will get stuck is not quite true. The pure application of our offerings would lead to pure flow it’s true, but pure application is difficult to master.

What we suggest is for each of you to practice carrying your personal energy as it is meant to be carried: It should (generally) flow from head to toe in such a way that you radiate a pleasant aura. Simultaneously, we highly recommend a practice of creating that is being called pre-paving by our friends among Abraham*.

Pre-paving means to think about what you want in advance to the point of clarity. For example, if you (the asker of the question) has become completely aware that you would like a swift, smooth, easy departure from this life experience you need now, today, to begin telling your Spirit Guides and the Universe that this is your desire. That way, it will be ready for you when the time for your transition arrives. We also strongly recommend that you are clear about timing. For example, “I wish to live a long and fruitful existence filled with beauty, prosperity, good health and warm relationships. When I reach the end of my days I wish to feel fulfilled, satisfied and complete in such a full way that I know I am ready to leave this physical realm. At that point, I wish to slip peacefully and easily into the next segment of my cosmic adventure, whatever that turns out to be.”

In this example, were you to leave out the word ‘long’ then you may well have a happy existence but it could be very short.

When pre-paving, or pre-creating, is done this way you allow plenty of time for all the mechanisms of the Universe to react and move into place so that your departure will occur this way. Pre-creating is helpful because the farther in advance you create and the clearer your vision becomes the less effect your energetic body has on a moment to moment basis. Therefore, when your time to depart comes the departure will be hugely likely to be smooth, easy and relaxed.

(*Note: Higgins refers to the non-physical group, Abraham, and Abraham-Hicks.)

Received March 29, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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