If We Shouldn’t March, What Should We Do?

Question:  I saw Higgins say something about a great force and about the march for our lives event. I was wondering since Higgins said it was intended for good but instead could have negative effects, what would be the better way to handle things? Since gun violence has been a big issue in the USA, and people standing up to fight against it, what would be a better course of action to make real change? Because so far with how the government has handled things, it doesn’t look like it would change any time soon on its stance on guns, unless something radical took place like the march for our lives protesting guns. Not trying to be too political here, but just wondering what is the better action to make real change in this case.

Higgins:  The laws that exist in the Universe are complex. The Universe itself is quite beyond the complete comprehension of the human mind. That said, there is a law that is being called the Law of Attraction and we very much like this description, in part because it simplifies an important concept and makes the law easy to comprehend.

The Law of Attraction simply says that like attracts like. Attraction is based on vibration. Vibration and emotion are equivalent within the context of this conversation. An organized march that stands against a thing cannot bring about the arrival of something else, namely the thing you want because you haven’t identified the thing you want, only the thing you don’t want. The Law of Attraction can only bring more of what you ask for from a vibrational standpoint.

Decide clearly what you do want. Then focus on that.

For example, you already know you don’t want anymore children shot dead in their schools. But what do you want? Safety? Happiness? Thriving communities? Well-being? Focus steadfastly on these things and you will have success. As long as you continue to focus on that which you do not want you will only draw more of that which you do not want.

This may sound trite but guns do not kill people. People kill people. People simply use the tools that are available, currently guns, to reach a goal. If guns are not available, those same people will simply find another avenue to reach their goal.

If you want positive change you need to begin to get outside yourself. Be inclusive. Make an effort to interact and know those around you. As long as there are circles drawn with some inside the circle and some outside the circle, you will have those who feel on the outside. Make everyone an insider.

That also means that for those of you who feel on the outside, you must make an effort to be accepting of people’s efforts to include you, no matter how awkward and uncomfortable the attempt may be. As you practice you will all gain skill in inclusivity and it will become second nature.

The short answer is: Look to your left and right, to your front and back. Help the person standing there feel good about being there. Make sure to acknowledge everyone’s presence. Help them feel welcome in the world because everyone’s presence is welcome in the world.

This could become a lengthy post so we’ll break it into two parts.

Received March 30, 2018

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  1. simulismblog says:

    Thank you Higgins and Cheryl for this superb answer. That make me think about another question: Could synchronicity be the result of the Law of Attraction? Synchronicity is a link between two events related by meaning only, not by objective cause and effect. Usually synchronicity links an objective event in the physical reality, with an immaterial one, in the mind. And this seems to point towards the Law of Attraction, isn’t it?
    With my best wishes.

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