Animal Cruelty

Question:  I’m wondering if Higgins could comment on animal cruelty. I read stories about atrocities that people inflict on animals whether on an individual level or a mass level. The cruelty and pain some people inflict on animals is almost beyond words. Do animals choose to come into the reality to be abused? What about the abuser? When animals pass away, what happens to them? What happens to the animal abuser? Is there a spiritual purpose for all this?

Higgins:  The thing we want you know about cruelty of any kind is that it only occurs when one of you gets off-balance. You are, at the center of your being, generous, kind and loving beings. When a person gets off-balance there is a sort of draw or maybe suction that creates a desire within every person to realign with feeling powerful. Since most of you don’t know how to realign with your true nature, which is by definition an extremely powerful creator, you often get stuck in patterns of behavior that are destructive. Remember, though, that the pattern of behavior is developed because it brings some feeling of power.

Take away message: abusers need your compassion, not your contempt or hatred or even fear.

Very few people or animals decide to come into the physical realm to be abused. Just the same, abuse happens often. The mass consciousness is a very powerful persuader and most of you do not know how to, or that it is possible to, choose your own energetic tone. Often people, especially children and animals, fall into the trap of abuse because they don’t know how to carry their own energy.

All of you are eternal beings. When you die, man or animal, your spirit rejoins the eternal flow of Source Energy. There is no other option. After a particularly difficult life experience, a person’s soul goes into a sort of sleep for a year or more while they recover from the atrocities they either committed or endured. Animals need this less often but it happens for them sometimes.

The spiritual purpose is growth. Prior to birth all people have a sort of general plan that leads them through certain difficulties in order for spiritual expansion. Should that prove more difficult than expected, and it often does, one is thrown off-balance and slams around like a washing machine in the spin cycle when the wet clothes are no longer evenly balanced. Those people end up hurting others in various ways, some more harsh than others.

There is a wonderful book we encourage you to read by Neale Donald Walsch. It is called The Little Soul and the Sun. We think it will help you understand the complexities of human interaction quite a bit better. It isn’t quite the same for human/animal interaction but still you will likely come away with a different view of abusers.

We also encourage you to read our recent posts from March 21 and 22, My Prayer of Choices. This short read helps those who don’t know how to carry their own energy to keep a positive energetic profile. A positive energetic profile acts as a repellent to bad things.

Secondary to your question we will consider what we could provide that would help you all to help animals in a similar way.

Received March 25, 2018

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  1. Adrien says:

    What about cases where animals are used for food? Often they are raised in terrible conditions and suffer greatly when they die.

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