A Conversation with Higg(in)s, October 4, 2022

Yesterday I sat with Higg(in)s for awhile. They came in quite readily, it seemed. I use the word ‘seemed’ because I am sometimes not fully convinced that Higg(in)s is anything more than my imagination. The being who came to interact was from neither the Wisdom Phase, nor from the Knowledge Phase. ‘He’ ‘said’ we now know to appreciate breathing in and out, and to appreciate the fine, full workings of our bodies. We also know to be peace in such a way that when we move from one place to another, that we are not moving, instead, peace is moving.

‘He’ went on to share the next part of their teaching. I am unable to recall whether he referred to this as a third step, or the second step in the Knowledge Phase. Either way, he intended this as step three in a series of actions we can take to help ourselves to thrive during our planetary turmoil. Step three has three parts. First, ask the question. Second, listen for the answer. Third, take action. (Act upon the answer is what I think he said.)

During our interaction he made attempts to clarify what asking the question means. I came to understand that first a desire has to be noticed. For example, I need to place a phone call and during that phone call I have to decline an invitation. Before I make the call I determine the desired outcome. I want to be kind. I want to enjoy a pleasant conversation. I need to state my side clearly, and with compassion for the person receiving the information.

After clarifying my desire, which is the asking part, I next relax my mind and await the response part. This is what he called ‘listening for the answer’. This part cannot be hurried. Relax and let the response seep in. One might assume that if one were in a life or death emergency that the response would come quickly and obviously but since he didn’t mention it, I suppose it shouldn’t be assumed.

Act upon the answer. This seems obvious, but there have been many times I received inspiration that I did not act upon. Take action. The action part, he conveyed, is crucial to our success.

If I understood him correctly, by following these directions we have all the information needed to thrive during turmoil. He meant this literally. He encouraged us to practice these things to mastery, saying they are the foundational teachings for the Knowledge Phase. We must understand them fully, and master the application of them, in order to fully benefit from the Knowledge Phase.

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