A Reiteration of Recent Conversations

Higg(in)s is back in some way. Not in the clear and decisive way I expected, but back just the same. They gently press me to master three concepts, which I have expressed in the two previous posts. This is a recent iteration.

  1. Appreciate the wonderfulness of easily breathing in and out. Appreciate sight, hearing, taste, the sensation of touch. Appreciate the workings of the body we don’t normally think about: thought, the circulatory system, the digestive system. Be grateful for our body working smoothly.
  2. Remember to be peace in such a way that when you get up to move, it is not you moving. Instead, it is peace moving.
  3. Remember to ask for what you want from life. The more clearly you envision the desired thing being a part of your life, the more quickly it will manifest. This is because the magnetic attraction you emit is most powerful when you know clearly what you want and what you will feel like once you have achieved it.

If you will do these things: Success with step one ensures you will stay alive, referencing the body; the application of two means you will survive, referencing having necessary basics; and with the application of three you will thrive, even in difficult times.

Higg(in)s persists, saying, “And this means mastery of these things. You must practice until you develop strength and flexibility, just as you would to master any skill.”

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2 Responses to A Reiteration of Recent Conversations

  1. Kathy Reiff By says:

    Thank you Cheryl and Higins!

    Number 1 and nber 3 as practices are familiar from my experience with Higins. However, #2 is not so clear. Could you and/Higins elaborate some more on what is meant please?

    Thank you…

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