From the Angels

Through the years it has been a rarity for me to connect with Angels directly, although within Higgins there are a few. I serendipitously rediscovered this message from them the other day. It is dated November 12, 2010.

From the Angels

Be gentle with yourself and all whom you meet, regardless of form.

Relax without the aid of technology or toxins.

Allow the birds and the trees, the flowers and the leaves, the sun and the wind, the water and the earth to befriend you. They will lead you to that which you seek.

Be a friend to that which you consume for what you consume becomes your flesh.

You are only as fragile as you consider yourself to be. So see yourself as expansive, stretching to encompass enormous amounts of whatever is before you with grace, ease and simplicity.

Allow the Earth to absorb all of life’s toxicity. She is your friend in this life experience.

Conspire with your Spirit Guides. Allow them to inpsire you to a life of ease and pleasure. For you, in your best moments, are only glimpsing the tiniest portion of that which is available to you.

Dare to dream. Modify your dream again and again to meet your ever evolving desires.

There is no limit. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to From the Angels

  1. KDKH says:

    I needed this message today. Thank you.

  2. That’s really beautiful. Thank You Cheryl. The post before that was very nice as well. Hope you and yours are well these days! Peace, Bill

    Sent from me


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