A Conversation With Higgins, November 6, 2022

The power has been out since Friday night at 10:20 ish. I was asleep in bed when an explosion awakened me. The walls literally shook. There was a whirring noise and with each whir the clock, my phone that was plugged in, and the Google Home Assistant all lit up and flashed on the ceiling the bedroom. I don’t recall whether there were one, two, or three explosions. Doesn’t matter. The end result was the power went out with a dreadful finality. The room was intensely dark after that and I made my way around finding flashlights and so on.

Last night I went to spend the night with Mom and we did have a nice time. I stopped at Safeway at 41rst, where the power was out. All the stop lights from the freeway up to 41rst were out. An interesting experience. Safeway had pulled all the bagged salads and refrigerated items from the shelves and had employees sitting in the dark to make sure you didn’t pull milk or dairy items from the cases. A woman at the door approached me as I entered to ask me not to pull items from anything I had to move a curtain or open a case to get into. Very odd, shopping in the dark and only being able to buy non-perishables.

I’m home now and the power is still out. I’ve done everything I can think of to entertain myself but now it is dark and only 6:05 PM. It is cold. I turned the gas stove off before I left for Mom’s yesterday and it doesn’t heat up very quickly, apparently. It finally occurred to me to have a conversation with Higg(in)s. I smudged and used sweetgrass to call them in, which I don’t believe I have ever done before. I sat quietly a few minutes in silence before several large energy beings came into the room.

The question I asked was from K. R. She asked about peace and what they mean about being peace in such a way that when one gets up to move from one place to another it is not one moving, but instead peace is moving.

I got quite an interesting response. They first reminded me of the original teachings of Higgins, the Wisdom Phase, when Higgins shared that emotions run the gamut from very slow feelings of abject depression, abject fear, overwhelming guilt, and inconsolable mourning, to joy, elation, love and peace.

They were very clear to say that emotions are not linear. Describing them as linear is easier for us to understand, but emotions are not linear. So while elation and peace are both very high emotions, you won’t find them in the same place.

They went on to describe a continuing education program I am working through. I have to recertify in BLS and ACLS. I started the BLS Thursday and was surprised to discover that it is all online now. The program is guided by Artificial Intelligence so when I make a mistake, it quizzes me more thoroughly on that topic, and areas where I show mastery, the program moves through swiftly.

If my recollection is correct, the program started out something over and hour, maybe an hour and 5 minutes to completion. As I worked through the program, each mistake I made added time to the run time, so at one point I’d been working on it for twenty minutes and still had an hour and twenty-one minutes left.

Higg(in)s went on to compare life to this Artificial Intelligence learning program. Each time we ‘make a mistake’ the ‘computer program’ that is life, repeats the sequence we need improvement in until we master it. If I understood correctly, if we use peace as our fallback position when we are in doubt as to the correct choice, we will tune into God, or Source or whatever that infinite intelligence is that is behind the universe. When we do that, we are guided, or maybe inspired is a good description, to right thought, right action. Even if we just simmer in peace, peace would be a ‘right answer’ in the Artificial Intelligence analogy.

My understanding about Higg(in)s’ comment about being peace is that they want us to learn to simmer in peace. When we are going about our daily lives, we should use peace as our baseline emotional point. That way, when we move from here to there it is peace moving around in a physical body.

Taking it a step farther, if we are in the emotional set point of peace then we are, by definition, not angry, frustrated, hostile, sad, or depressed. We are peace. And, well, peace is peaceful. Imagine stirring up a bee’s nest. The bees fly out in attack mode. Higg(in)s seems to want us to be bee’s flying around in peace mode.

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