Take Advantage of the Energies Circulating at this Time

Question:     Yeah… Does Higgins have any advice as far as taking advantage of the energies during this time?  Do they see any significance from their persepective or is it all our own making mountains out of mole hills?  🙂    just curious if you’d asked them.

Higgins:     Absolutely take advantage of the energies circulating at ‘this time’. Let us clarify that ‘at this time’ refers to current planetary alignments, moon phases, etc… in addition to the general energetic shift occurring that is variously being called the Shift of the Ages, the End of the World, or generically 2012 and specifically December 21, 2012.

The whole point, in essence, of this Shift of the Ages is to stimulate you physicals towards a reconnection with your eternal spirit.

The ‘energies right now’ are likely appearing as mental and physical urges.

Our advice is to listen to those pressing urges that say, “This _______________ (whatever It is) is not right for me. I know in my very core that something is wrong with this and I am going to begin right now making changes. While perhaps my brain right now cannot clearly name what is right, this is wrong, and I will begin making changes in myself. Surely, if I make small changes in myself that feel more right than this does then I will eventually become clear about who I choose to be (and more importantly how I choose to be) in the world.”

If your pressing urges tell you this (whatever It is) is right for me then we encourage you to follow-up on that.

Mankind is in a sorting process right now. The energetic offerings stimulate desire to return to something unnamed. As a whole, and as unique individuals, mankind is deciphering who they are and who they wish to become. Pay attention to current events to find out who you are not and from there you will discover who you are.

To answer the further part of your question, are you physicals making mountains out of mole hills, certainly not.

The vibrational shift within the Earth that is the Shift of the Ages is forcing mankind to choose. The difficulty is there really are no clear directions for what is happening available to the masses. This energetic shift causes great distress for some because they do not understand the possible choices.

What you see playing out as a result of this tremendous energetic turmoil is shootings, bombings, fighting, domestic violence, financial disharmony, hunger…we can go on and on. What we’d like you to understand is this energetic turmoil is forcing you to make a choice. Will you choose to seek harmony within yourself or will you not?

If you will not choose the path that leads to inner harmony (life)  then by default you choose disharmony. Disharmony leads to death whether literal or metaphorical. While this sounds dramatic this teaching is the core at the Shift of the Ages.

If we gave only one clue as to how life works we’d tell you to seek inner harmony. All else will follow.

Received December 17, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. lunerunit says:

    Thanks for this. I really enjoy and look forward to reading your posts and appreciate that you have made this information so easily accessible for us in the physical world. So helpful. Thanks again. Much love.

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