Why Doesn’t My Wife Like Me?

Question:     Why doesn’t my wife like me?

Higgins:   People are drawn together or pushed apart in much the same way two magnets when matched up will pull themselves together or push themselves apart depending on which side of the magnets are facing.

When you and your wife came together you were exhibiting like vibrations in some way and these vibrations pulled you towards one another. This is easy to understand because when dating, each of you is looking at and concentrating on all the nice things about the other person. Once familiarity sets in it is easy to begin noticing the not so nice things.

Whatever a person concentrates upon, that is the point of attraction so if your wife concentrates on the nice things about you she draws you to her. If however, she concentrates on the not so nice things then she metaphorically flips the magnet over and then, by the laws of the Universe, she begins to repel you.

The Universal Law that both draws things together and repels them from one another is completely impartial. It is much like a computer: the computer can only do what it is programmed to do and whether you get the response you want or you don’t get the response you want makes no difference to the computer.

Since the Universal Law is completely impartial it can only do what you tell it to do and you give directions based on the emotions you emit. The Universal responses to the emotions you emit are exquisitely designed and timed just for you regardless of whether the data you entered is what you intended to enter.

At the time you and your wife came together you were emitting a frequency that was equal to the frequency she emitted so you drew together like magnets. The desires and interests of humans continually evolve. Humans seek growth so it is understandable that the frequency you both emitted then may have changed over time. In everyday life this means that the thoughts and emotions your wife carries are no longer in harmony with the thoughts and emotions you carry. Often we hear this described as ‘growing apart’ and this is a very apt description.

In order to grow together again simply seek the same frequency. Some people reconnect by finding common interests. We encourage you to start with something more basic.

First, find something to like about your wife everyday and quietly and discreetly admire that thing for a few moments.

Second, hold your own energy stable regardless of whether she is liking or disliking you in any given moment. Hold your energy stable by directing your energy to flow from just above the head to just below the feet. Ask your energy to flow in harmony with a pleasurable life experience. It will. It will also shift and change relative to your thoughts and emotions all day long so realign as often as needed throughout the day.

Stabilizing one’s energy is important because whether humans are aware or not, they feel the energy emitted by others and respond to it. When you stop emitting a vibration that says, ‘My wife doesn’t like me,’ she will not be so drawn to act as though she doesn’t like you.

These two things will help to stabilize your relationship. If you can find common ground once again then the relationship can continue to grow. Sometimes, the emotional point of attraction that each of you emitted when you came together has changed so much that it is impossible to find common ground and the relationship continues to crumble.

Either way, you will have developed clarity regarding relationships. If you will practice remaining energetically stable while enjoying life as it currently is you will enter clearer data into the Universal computer thus drawing towards you an enjoyable life on all levels, including a more  harmonious relationship, whether with your current wife or someone else.

Received December 9, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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