YOU–(Reposted for December 2012)


The following is a synopsis of Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence and this is who Higgins thinks you are:


The most magnificent vision you have of yourself is Truth.
And regardless of apparent physical or mental inequalities each of you is capable of creating a life that you enjoy; a life that includes satisfying relationships, good health, prosperity and daily activities that are entertaining and fulfilling.
Life is designed to be a pleasant adventure and the body is capable of performing smoothly and without fail until the day that you decide you are complete here and slip out of your body easily, without pain and without fuss.
All that you are continuously guides you towards expression of the Truth of who You are.
So make the decision to live in harmony with your Truth.
Then remain at peace with your emotions no matter how uncomfortable they may seem because how you respond to the life experience that arrives today dictates what your future will bring.
Practice actively listening for internal guidance. Then follow up on that information immediately. Impulses stimulate you to action and when you are clear about living in harmony with your Truth your impulses will always lead you towards joy.
Focus upon what you want, think about that which you enjoy, talk about things that bring you a feeling of happiness, commit actions that bring you closer to those things you value.
It is in this that satisfaction lies for in all cases what you focus upon manifests itself literally or metaphorically sooner or later.
There is nothing that you can think up that cannot be achieved.
So follow your heart’s desire and enjoy the journey.
By Cheryl Conner Jensen 2010, a synopsis of Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence.
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