Why Does It Take So Long To Make Progress?

Note from Cheryl:

This is a typed conversation with Higgins.

Cheryl: You have said there is nothing that cannot be achieved if we put our attention to it with desire and positive expectation.

Higgins: Yes, along with happy willingness to take action when necessary.

Cheryl: Why does it seem to take such a long time to make progress?

Higgins: Define progress.

Cheryl: Visible and significant movement towards the achievement of my desire.

Higgins: Your definition of progress is why it takes so long for you make progress.

Let’s say you desire a glass of milk so you open the refrigerator to discover there is no milk in it. Your desire in this moment has changed from one glass of milk to one half-gallon of milk. There are several options now; skip the milk altogether or walk, bike or drive to the nearest grocer for one half-gallon of milk. You want the milk and let’s say it’s raining so you get in the car. You arrive home shortly with one half-gallon of milk from the convenience store and pour yourself the desired glass and enjoy it.

In this scenario you achieved your desire within minutes. However, we want you to understand that in every step of that scenario progress was made toward the achievement of the desired glass of milk. Progress is not the final product. Progress is initiating then completing one step after another towards achievement of the final product.

Every step along the way you are gathering data so when the final product does arrive you will have already launched new desires. Thus the journey rather than the end product is the reward. When you begin to see the journey as a series of fun and interesting opportunities all the little steps from conception of an idea to fruition will be rewarding in and of themselves. This is what is missing from your creation. When each step becomes fun the end result will immediately seem less elusive.

Received June 23, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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