I Don’t Like Being Around My Husband but I Love Him

Note from Cheryl: a reader did a search for, “I don’t like being around my husband but I love him.” The following is Higgins’ offering regarding this topic.

Higgins: We are pleased that you understand that loving and liking are two different things.

Love is an emotion and love is what you are.

Like indicates preference and each of you is here enjoying a physical experience and your ‘job’ here is to determine what you prefer from the life experiences offered unto you. Once you’ve determined your personal preference your job becomes focusing your attention upon those things you prefer.

Life is designed to be fun and easy and if you will do those two things (determine your preference then focus upon that which you prefer) life will be fun and easy.

What this reader has done is focus upon the things about her husband that do not suit her preference. Her husband, flowing steadily along in the Universal Stream, unwittingly offers her those very things that she focuses upon. If she will begin to look once again at the things she likes about her husband he will (unwittingly) offer those traits instead.

Practice focusing on just the things that you like about him, Friend, and you will begin to see results very soon.

Received June 9, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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