Can We Create Anything We Want?

Question:     Is it true we can create anything we want?

Higgins:     In a word, yes.

Whether you know it or not you already do create every aspect of your life experience. Learning to create what you want is simply a matter of shifting your perspective and your energetic frequency.

Perhaps you wish to create something specific like a new pair of nicely fitting slacks. Let’s also say that it has previously been difficult for you to find nice fitting pants of any kind. To create this you first need the awareness that new, nicely fitting slacks are desirable. Then the mind may process things such as color, fabric, wash-ability and price. Sometimes a little vagueness is best meaning rather than insisting the slacks be peacock-blue instead decide upon color that is  flattering. (Unless it really must be peacock-blue.) Decide upon fabric that wears well and requires little ironing rather than choosing a specific material, texture or pattern. If clothing must be machine wash/dry then set your mind upon clothes that are easy to care for. It is also best to choose the mind-set ‘reasonable price’ or ‘affordable’ over any specific price.

This vague-ing of desires helps expand the choices the Universe has to offer and increases the likelihood that you, who have had difficulty in the past finding nice fitting slacks, can line up your energetic offering with finding nice fitting slacks.

Next, forget about it. Forget your desire for new slacks. Then one day in the not too distant future you will be somewhere. The desire to stop at a store will come over you. And you will stop. And there they will be: pants that appeal to you, fit nicely, look good, are easy care and affordable.

What you have done is shift your energetic frequency so that it draws you and these new pants together inexorably. In achieving the new slacks your perspective changes, buying slacks that are attractive on you is now possible. If you will put the example of these two together (developing positive energetic frequency and positive outlook) you will begin to understand how each of you draws life experience.

It will become obvious (with practice) that positive outlook combined with consciously directed thought brings serendipitous and pleasurable things into your life. Once skill in this procedure becomes habitual you will realize that serendipity has nothing to do with it…you created the nice things that happen.

The same process can be applied to relationships, finances, the work place…anything at all. Simply decide that improvement would be desirable, let your mind mull your desire over until some clarity relative to what improvement would look like then relax and forget all about it. Pay attention to those moments when serendipity brings more pleasurable interactions, an unexpected refund or a nice bit of recognition at work.

Then allow yourself a secret smile on the inside and know that you created those nice, serendipitous events.

Received February 24, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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