I Feel Discouraged and Lethargic

Question:     I went to have my vision checked this morning and had a headache most of the morning into midday from the eye drops. I finally slept and upon awakening felt much better. Then I was able to go outside and work in the yard but actually I just feel as if the day has been wasted and feel very discouraged about that.

Will you comment on this? Why am I so discouraged and lethargic?

Higgins:     There are many aspects to this answer. The discouragement and lethargy stem from two different things. The lethargy stems from not feeling good. Although your headache is better it is only the pain that is gone. A portion of the physical reaction your body had from the eye drops continues. That is why you feel so…well, blah. Your body is still recovering from the insult.

Relative to feeling discouraged, it is easy to feel discouraged when the body does not function the way you wish for it to function. There is more to this though. We were with you today thus we can give a very precise answer to this: you had a choice to choose an alternate method for the doctor to view your eye and you chose the less expensive choice. Part of what you are feeling is negativity related to the outcome of the choice you made. Dollars got in the way of you making a choice that you knew at the time would be the better choice.

Emotions are experienced for a reason. You chose to ignore your emotions and take a less good feeling option strictly based on the dollar. Part of what you are experiencing is You talking to you saying, “You ignored perfectly clear instructions and ignoring perfectly clear instructions feels ugly. This is what it feels like…it feels like yuck. It feels like being stuck, it feels like not getting things done because you don’t feel good.”

A really good solution is to apologize to your Broader Self and Spirit Guides for blatantly disregarding the instructions they sent you. Rest until your body feels better and above all relax. This day is not at all wasted. You just didn’t achieve as much as you thought you would. Indeed, what you did was learn something more valuable than anything else you could learn in a day and that is what it feels like to receive directions, comprehend the directions, ignore the directions, live through the result of not following the directions and now have the opportunity to move forward into your life knowing what directions received from your Broader Being feel like.

This is one of the most important things you will ever learn. We are pleased for you and enjoyed following you through this day.

Received February 19, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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