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Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements, Part III

Higgins: Bending the Elements We take Bending the Elements to mean utilizing the force of water, for example, to do as you bid. This is entirely within the scope of human doing. We will use water for the sake of … Continue reading

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Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements

Question:  What is the best way to start practicing such things as telekinesis and bending the elements, to be able to do them? And also about magic. Magic is real light and dark magic. But how far, by that I … Continue reading

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Tips for Making One’s Home a Healing Site

Question:     Thank you for all your advice. It is being contemplated, and I appreciate it greatly. My circumstances have changed so that I am having a surgery Sept 18 with six weeks in a foot and leg cast, and then … Continue reading

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Question:     Someone once asked Higgins, “What prevents me from using this information to (in essence) practice magic?” Higgins’s response was, “Indeed. What does?” They have this to say to you, “When you are clear on the answer to this question … Continue reading

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