Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements, Part III

Higgins: Bending the Elements

We take Bending the Elements to mean utilizing the force of water, for example, to do as you bid. This is entirely within the scope of human doing. We will use water for the sake of our conversation but you can do this with air, fire and earth as well.

First, you have to make friends with the element of your choice. Water has its own preference. If you want it to do what you want it to do then you have to figure out why it would do that for you. It would do it because it wants to or because you are so powerful a force that it cannot do otherwise (the way the tides follow the moon).

Spend time with the element you choose. Learn it. Love it. When you know that you are friends you can begin asking it to work with you. It will say yes or no. Once you have agreement, use the Force that you’ve been developing to guide your element to do your bidding.

The Bible, Matthew 17:20, paraphrased: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to the mountain, “Move over, Mountain.” And the mountain will move over.

The elements are more likely to cooperate willingly if your goal is beneficent.

Received February 12, 2018

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