Magic, Telekinesis and Bending the Elements, Part IV

Higgins:  on Magic

There exists a spectrum of energy. One end of the spectrum is considered light and the other dark. In reality, there is only a spectrum of energy. Humans name it light and dark because of the way it feels. Most choose the light because it feels good to you.

Light really means lighter vibration and that means you are working with less dense energy. Less dense energy is not less powerful energy. In fact, in your realm light energy is the more powerful. Some ways humans might interpret energy with a light vibration are happiness, joy, love or compassion. The reason dark energy may seem more powerful is that you, as a whole, are more familiar with using it than you are with using the lighter energy. Even your Superheroes use dark energy to achieve their ‘light’ goal. Try using light energy to achieve your light goal for more satisfying and longer lasting results.

As you develop your personal energy (the Force within you) you can begin to direct this energy with intent. You already do that when you decide you want a new car, or to have a good day, or to find a different job. The magnitude of the cyclone you create in thinking about something is the amount of the Force you can muster. A dust devil has little creative ability while an F-5 tornado has huge creative ability.

When Harry Potter casts a spell and points his wand he is focusing his energy more powerfully on the thing he wants than he can do without a spell and a wand. Spells and wands are perhaps fun tools but they are not necessities. We do not encourage you to become dependent on them but if they are fun for you then use them.

Received February 12, 2018

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