Making Friends with the Elements, Step Two

Question:  How does one go about making friends with the elements?

Higgins:  Spending time out-of-doors is the first step. At first you’ll just be getting the hang of it, learning what the elements are about. After many visits with the elements you will begin to feel comfortable outside in the weather. You will notice a rhythm. You will notice what brings the elements of earth, air, water and fire both happiness and pain. And you will begin to do what all good friends do for their good friends. When you reach this point it is time to talk to the elements. Tell them your plans. Tell them what you want. Then listen. They will respond. They will say yes. They will say no. They will tell you what they need, or they won’t. But if you have built a trusting relationship it is likely they will respond. When you can talk to and get a response from the elements you are on your way to bending the elements as you desire.

As always, temper your actions with kindness and you will have better success.

Received February 15, 2018



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