Tips for Making One’s Home a Healing Site

Question:     Thank you for all your advice. It is being contemplated, and I appreciate it greatly. My circumstances have changed so that I am having a surgery Sept 18 with six weeks in a foot and leg cast, and then up to six weeks in a boot. Any tips for making my home a healing site for recovery? I am also researching Wiccan techniques. I have been very anxious and depressed trying to accomplish all that needs to be done, before Sept 18.

Higgins:     Yes. The first thing to do, and very effective, is to consider each day one thing that you truly appreciate about your home.

“I appreciate a roof over my head and bed to sleep in.”

Secondly, and a little harder perhaps, is to think of one positive aspect of each of your home mates on a daily basis. A helpful tip is to remember that when a person behaves badly it is always because they have come out of balance, much like an out of balance washing machine in the spin cycle.

You might be able to better appreciate your father (mother, former boyfriend, etc…) if you are able to recognize their behavior differently. For example, “I appreciate that my father is a strong wanter.” This is a powerful statement that does not condone poor behavior while promoting a positive aspect.

This simple technique will only take a few minutes each day and you may well feel that you should be doing more. More  will not work better neither will it produce results more quickly. Relax your mind the best you can for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of each day. If you cannot relax it, divert your mind with pleasantries.

Regarding your comment on Wiccan techniques: The option we suggest would fall under Wiccan techniques. Wiccan techniques and our suggestion are simply avenues to direct the power that flows. If the Wiccan techniques that you are practicing fall under ‘pleasantry’ then we would definitely do it.

Received August 28, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA



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