Why Does This Person Cause Me to Lighten Up Inside? (Part 4 of 4)

A continuing conversation:

This same person that I get lighten up by now is the same one that I got lighten
up in the past. BUT the first time was before my depression and mental
illness happened. I started to ignore that lightening up inside and thought
nahh to unrealistic or maybe im putting my will onto God’s Will instead of
allowing His Will to be on top of me. So I put that aside and later is when
depression and mental disease came in. Any advice or further wisdom into
this would be so much appreciated.


We are well pleased that you have come to ask this question. This response is the most important segment of our response to your question as a whole.

Each of you is guided by inner knowing. You receive impulses, intuition and emotion. These things guide you through your life experience much the way one may control a toy car by remote control. The difference is that while the toy car must do exactly as guided each of you has a choice to follow or not follow these instincts. When the asker of this question ‘started to ignore that lightening up inside and thought nahh to unrealistic’ what they effectively did was ignore the guidance of their Eternal Spirit.

We don’t usually use the word ‘will’ relative to that which you call God. However, what you refer to as God’s will is experienced by humans as emotion. When you feel good or light inside then that is what God want’s for you. It was God’s intention that you would follow positive emotion and move away, even run away from those things that produce negative emotion.

God does not usually give you those feelings directly. They primarily come from your Eternal Spirit. We sometimes call this the Broader Self or Broader Being. Regardless of what it is called this Eternal You is old and wise and knows exactly what you wanted for yourself in this lifetime and knows exactly how to respond to every situation you may encounter and via emotions (and sometimes intuition or inspiration) guides you towards a wonderful life that includes prosperity and good health.

This is kind of like a game of Hot and Cold. You follow positive emotion and move away, even run away from those things that make you feel bad.

The human body houses you. You are not your body. In the same way a home that is not maintained begins to fall apart so too your body develops illness and ‘falls apart’ when you do not take care of it. There is a certain amount of grooming, feeding, exercising and so on that needs to be done but the care we are speaking of is all about these emotions we’ve been discussing. If you will consistently over time ignore your emotions you will develop illness. Illness may be physical or mental or both. That is what happened to the asker of this questions. They chose to ignore the positive emotion (not understanding what positive emotions mean) which can only lead to ever-increasing unhappiness and eventually dis-ease.

The good news is all dis-ease is reversible. As the asker once again begins to respond to positive and negative emotions their life will become happier, they will prosper and their health will improve. It may take a while, it took awhile to get where they are now, but life will improve. Perhaps fitfully at first but it will improve.

Negative life experience, while uncomfortable, does provide very important information. A person who has experienced hell in this lifetime knows more clearly than any other how strongly they desire a satisfying life. This clarity then helps them profoundly when they begin to follow those good feelings. Once you get the hang of going towards what feels good you will find very little tolerance for negativity.

The simple directions are: good feels good and bad feels bad. Always do your best to follow what feels good. Sometimes you will have to pick the least worst. That doesn’t matter. Just get started making choices that bring relief.

Be gentle with yourselves, Friends. Life is the Game of Masters. You would not be here if you did not possess the skills required to play but in this time/space scenario change is sometimes a little slow to arrive. Gently and persistently follow lightness in your heart every time it arrives. That’s what it takes to create a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Received September 1, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington, USA

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