Should I Divorce My Husband?

Question:    I have become sensitive to energy over the last couple years. It has increased lately that whenever I get in close contact with my husband my chest burns and aches, I feel it in my front and back chakras. It is one of many things that is leading me to the decision to divorce him. Do you think that is a sign I should? I am very torn because he is a nice guy but has manipulative tendencies that I am becoming aware of. I know he has baggage and I dont know if I want to wait for him to figure it all out. Any advice would be helpful.

Cheryl’s note:     I couldn’t answer this question right away so Higgins gave a tip to assist her in the meanwhile. They said, “Your energy is upside down. Use your hand in a head to toe sweeping motion to redirect your energy to flow from head to toe. Do this many times a day. Be discrete. Your husband does not need to know you are doing this.

Higgins:     Your energy is significantly corrected. It is right side up and flowing nicely. Your auric energy is full on top yet stops somewhere between the chin/jaw and the tops of the shoulders. Continue to practice allowing your energy to flow fully and freely. The complete and full aura will generally start about two feet above the head and flow in an egg shape around your body cementing itself into the ground about two feet below the Earth’s surface.

As for your question…

We are pleased that you are noticing the flow of energy. It is rather fun to be aware of it yet sometimes, from the human perspective, it can be alarming as you begin to notice how the energy of others has potential to effect you.

Your husband’s energy flows heavily off to his left, grounding in the Earth about 4-6 feet away from where it should. This heavy loss of energy will cause him to feel edgy, angry and ineffective. The ineffective feeling is difficult for a person to cope with because it is without power. People who feel they are without power tend to do whatever is necessary to gain power including manipulate others.

As you begin to control your personal flow of energy he will not be able to access it in the same way he has been doing. He may begin to feel this and when he does, he will try to manipulate you to a greater degree to regain the sense of power that he has when he ‘steals’ your energy. This could lead to a larger chasm in your relationship.

If however, he is open to the idea of learning to access his own source of energy and he will try to master the technique we gave you the relationship may stabilize.

If he is not open to mastering his own energy source you still have some options. The best option is to find one thing to appreciate about him every day. Then spend a few minutes every day for the remainder of your lives together finding one thing to appreciate about him every day. It will draw him like a magnet to steel to offer you more of the things you like about him.

You must be vigilant about maintaining your own energy. You must be steadfast and resolute in your decision to carry your own energy properly and not give it away.

We do understand how divorce may seem a good way out of a difficult situation. It is our knowing that the two of you have the potential to combine  your respective powerful energy sources to create a magnificent life together. This is the direction we would choose for you.

Regardless of whether he is willing to consider redirecting his own energy intentionally do appreciate him every day.

Another important aspect to relationships is solutions. There is a solution to every problem and if you are willing to look at every problem that arises and find a happy, fairly easy solution you yourself will develop great personal power. Should you both be willing to find a solution for each and every problem that arises….well, mountains will move for you.

Received August 31, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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