Father’s Medical State

Question:    I would kindly ask you to ask Higgins about my dad’s medical state. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and has undergone chemotherapy, first with some success and then eventually with none. Two weeks ago, a surgery was performed to remove the tumor but this was unfortunately unsuccessful. My father is a strong person and he is trying to keep his hopes up. He doesn’t want chemotherapy anymore and hopes that he can be healed by believing in God, eating healthy and boosting his immune system.

Please tell me what we can do to help him heal because if ever there was a soul that deserved staying here for a while longer it is him? If we were to go to a specialist for healing with bioenergy, would this be a successful step?

Higgins:     As it is with so many questions the answer to this is multifaceted. Disease of any kind is a physical symptom of emotions held by a person. Each emotion holds a unique vibration, a sort of signature or fingerprint. The human body continually radiates the vibration that is equivalent to the emotion that is currently held by the person to whom the body belongs.

Disease eventually manifests as an exact physical representation of the emotion that predominates the life of the carrier. The fact that your father ‘ is trying to keep his hopes up’ is important because from this we know that he has realized on some level that cancer, and therefore the emotion that he’s been unknowingly harboring for some long time, is not true for him. He strives for a better feeling emotion and hope is a very powerful emotion.

We are highly respectful that, ‘He doesn’t want chemotherapy anymore and hopes that he can be healed by believing in God, eating healthy and boosting his immune system.’ On some level he is aware that wonderful good health is his birthright. In a sort of way, your father is saying, “I’m remembering on some level that perfect health is innate in me.”

Fresh air, fresh water, organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain are our definition of eating healthy for humans and this diet is what your father needs right now.

Boost his immune system with laughter.

As for believing in God. There is nothing but God existing anywhere. You may call God by any name–Allah, Prime Source, Creator, YHWH–regardless of the name this Single Source is all that exists and you are a part of God, a child of God, a creation of God. You are no more or less than an angel, a bird, the oceans or a grain of sand. You are the same. And  you are eternal. There is no death, only changing of form.

As humans, you are given what is called ‘free will’. Free will means that you may align with God-in-human-self but you do not have to. You are allowed to choose your own path through physical life. It is impossible to not return to your God-self eventually. Your only choice is whether you do so in your physical shoes or whether you re-align after physical death.

The problem is, the rules for how to align with the God-self have been forgotten, altered, hidden and destroyed. We, Higgins, have come forth at this time in human evolution to remind you of the rules.

One:     Humans continually emit vibration. The Universe (God) responds to vibration like steel to a magnet. Life experience is drawn towards you in this way.

Two:     The Earth experience is all about contrast. Different descriptions are good and evil or light and dark. We prefer like and dislike because that better describes the point of contrast which is to determine preference. For example, a person generally prefers to be treated well by others, to have good health, to prosper, to have harmonious and fulfilling relationships and a satisfying life.

The way you know this is to experience the lack of them. That is the point of contrast: to know more clearly what you do want by experiencing that which you do not want. Your father knows more clearly than ever before that he prefers good health.

Three:     Learn to recognize and stabilize your emotional output. Aim for hopeful to blissfully happy.

Four:     Begin making conscious decisions towards your desires. It would be helpful to remove the words no, maybe, might, try and can’t from your vocabulary. Learn to either do or not do making each option a foregone conclusion once it is chosen.

Five:     Go Fly a Kite. By this we mean: learn to have fun,  be light of heart. Learn to lose yourself in pleasant activity.

Six:     Life opportunity will occur that meets the preferences you’ve chosen. People will treat you well, your health will improve, you will prosper, your relationships will become harmonious and fulfilling and life will become more satisfying.

These are the rules. All you have to do is relax about life and then either choose to do or choose to not do. Choosing is mental first, emotion follows. The emotion must match the choice to be an effective magnet for success.

These are the rules that God has in place. Believe in God. Believe in your innate power to create. Then choose and do. Note that we do not say choose and try. Choose and do. This is not a matter of what a person deserves. This law that God has placed is immutable. A person receives in their life what they align with emotionally thus vibrationally,  no more and no less. The Universe is abundant and will give each of you lots and lots of whatever you align with whether or not it is what you want. That is why step three is extremely important and why we suggest boosting his immune system with laughter.

As for going to a specialist for healing with bioenergy, this will be successful if he can align with his own innate perfect health (einstellen). Do that with continual amusement and laughter and with supporting his belief in his own ability to achieve, even miraculously achieve, perfect good health. Groening was correct in thinking that God does not heal a person. A person heals themselves by aligning with the God force within themselves. A bioenergy healer is often a powerful assistant in helping a person align with the God force within themselves by assisting their belief.

A person’s beliefs are very powerful in creating so assist your father in his belief to assist him in his healing.

Blessings, Friend.

Received July 9, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA




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