On Stillborn Babies

Question: I do have a question about life and death, especially with regards to ‘stillborn’ babies for Higgins:

Higgins, greetings and thank you for sharing your wisdom and truth. I often find myself smiling at your responses to our questions…  A few months ago, a woman I know, who was almost full-term, five weeks until delivery, had some bleeding one night – and realized a few hours later that the baby had not moved.  She called her doc who had her come in for an ultrasound – and the hospital discovered what she suspected – that the baby had died in utero.   After delivering their son and an autopsy – the medical staff determined that there was no indications pointing to a cause of his death that they could find.  I’ve heard of a few reports that are similar in the past few months.  I wonder if there is a higher incidence of stillborn deaths for some reason that we humans cannot see clearly.   I also wonder if our medicine just cannot detect the cause of death.   What is odd about this death is that for the family the stillborn child seems to be more alive than during the pregnancy.  There is a very real gap in not being able to share life with him here on this planet.   What can you tell me about the general circumstances around stillborn babies at this time on the planet?   And, what can you tell me about this child.   Oh – and one last question – even though both the father and mother are grieving in a good way, there is both spoken and unspoken worry about putting themselves through the pregnancy process again – especially when there is no ‘reason’ given them for the death.   It will take an act of faith – and passion!!!

Higgins:     Short answer is yes there are more incidents of stillborn births at this juncture on Earth. (We refer to the Shift of the Ages that is occurring.) Yes, medicine cannot detect the reason(s) for these deaths.

The Shift is a gradual increase of the Earth’s vibration designed to force the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Envision emotion as having a vibrational equivalence and envision the scope of man’s emotional range as a scale 0-100.  Let’s say the Earth’s vibration is 50 and encompasses a range from  0-100. Let’s then imagine the Earth’s vibration increasing over a 50 year period to 100. (The exact number of years the change will occur over is unknown.)

The new vibrational/emotional range the Earth can accommodate is 50-150. Humans must raise their vibrational level to at least 50 to shift with the Earth. Myriad opportunities for humans to develop skill in maintaining positive thought and emotion are being offered. This is to help each of you improve your energetic offering in a sort of ‘no child left behind’ framework.

This child agreed to not be born in order to assist the two (very spiritually inclined) parents with maintaining emotional balance. That is why the presence of the child is so keen now: the essence or spirit of that child is helping them emotionally feel, think, scramble and claw their way to emotional stability.

This child is gifting them with an opportunity to stabilize at a frequency that will easily allow them to flow through the shift.

Not all stillborn children are stillborn for this purpose. There are many reasons for stillbirth. This is this child’s purpose.

Children are most often stillborn or succumb to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome because for whatever reason The Spirit They Are decided not to play The Game of Life. Children prior to birth and for the first few years are very well-connected to the other side and can slip out of their bodies at will.

Relative to having another child…it is up to the parents. A trauma such as this can put the beliefs about a healthy birth so low the parents cannot align vibrationally/emotionally with another healthy child. However, if the parents can envision a next family addition with happy, healthy, vigorous and positive attitude then in all cases a baby can be brought forth. In fact, the parents if they will, can use the data from the stillborn child to envision even more clearly a healthy, happy child and smooth, easy birth. This is, in fact, part of their plan whether they are aware of it or not.

The Universe always conspires towards your greatest good. We suspect the spiritual growth provided by this apparent tragedy that is not a tragedy at all will provide the emotional surety the parents need to move forward into an especially nice life.

Blessings. All is truly well.

Received October 2, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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